Seaton Devon
Jun 1 2010
Newsletter - Summer 2010 (example)
by Grant Shepherd
Seaton Reporter & Blogger

New Newsletter!

After much hard work and many years of procrastinating, we have finally got round to producing our new online newsletter. County Hotel We have been meaning to get it off the ground since the summer of 1998 but just haven't got round to it. Not helped by the fact that those involved are a lazy bunch of so-and-sos!

Boy Racers!

What is it with some younger drivers? What do they gain by speeding through built-up areas? Who are they trying to impress? In my opinion they just make themselves look stupid! Dick Pascoe The only way they learn is when they hit a wall and injure themselves!

If they aren't driving too fast, they are looking at their dangerous SatNav (the equivalent of watching a TV in your car!) or texting on their mobile!
One day they'll regret ever having a SatNav or mobile in their car.

Badger's Hill

Badgers' Hill Cidery and garden centre is on the junction near Chilham on the Canterbury Road. It is a quaint little place with some surprising animals: pot-bellied pig, wallabies
Badger's Hill and chickens that will climb on to your table to grab any crumbs you may have left after having your tea and cake!

Dymchurch Redoubt

Hythe Ranges had an open-day today (Sat 3 Jul 2010) as part of the biennial Hythe Festival. Dymchurch Redoubt The tour included a unique opportunity to visit the drop redoubt which was constructed in about 1805 and used to house troops that manned the Martello Towers.

There is also an identical redoubt at Eastbourne which retains more of its Napoleonic
characteristics and doesn't have the WWII additions that the Dymchurch Redoubt has.

Harsh Winter

This winter was one of the harshest in 15 years. It was also a joy to see if you didn't need to go out by car or public transport. It was still a pretty sight after the roads had been cleared because the freezing temparatures ensured that the covering on the field remained.
We then had a mild period of weather only to be followed a fortnight later by some more snow!

Leas Cliff Hall

Here's a view of the human chess-board which is on the balcony that overlooks the beach. leas cliff hall The Leas Cliff Hall had some great acts which I had the pleasure of seeing in the 70s and 80s: Mud, Shakatak, Stylistics, Status Quo, Curiosity. A great venue with a great atmosphere!

Sovereign Harbour

This is a lovely new development on the outskirts of Eastbourne. There is still a Martello Tower on the old beach and many yachts moored up alongside waterside restaurants, bars and shops.

Operation Stack

Many locals object to 'operation stack' - when the M20 is used as a huge lorry-park - as it means that cars have to take the old A20 which, of course, means a much slower hourney. Op Stack They are pushing for a hugh lorry-park just off the motorway near Sellindge. This would cause even more disruption when Op Stack was brought into force!

The inconvenience of 2 or 3 days is a small price to pay to keep the countryside green!

New Sainsburys

The old Seeboard / Portex building is finally being demolished
to make way for the controversial new Sainsbury's.

The buildings were 1950s-style concrete blocks so locals didn't really have any objections to them being removed. Portex Building There would have been objections if they tried to demolish the old Officers' Buildings dating from the early 1800s.

County Hall Visit

County Hall The lovely County Hall was bathed in sunshine yesterday (Fri 2 Jul 2010) and it was a scorcher in the town centre too.

Fisherman's Beach

If you like being by water, you will enjoy a walk along Hythe seafront and Fisherman's Beach. Fisherman's Beach Do it soon, though as its character is about to be destroyed!